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Syrup of Morphine - BLOOD fan community
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Welcome to Syrup of Morphine, a community dedicated to the Japanese visual kei band, BLOOD!

Moderators; von_uberwald, moonofmorrigan


8/2/2007 Trying to get this community on the road once again. Tour info updated below.

Upcoming BLOOD shows...

[Darkest Labyrinth vol.4] in Europe
August 24 AniNite'07 Austria, Vienne
August 25 club PORT Russia, St Petersbourg
August 26 Gloria Finland, Helsinki
August 28 Elverket Sweden, Stockholm

[Darkest Labyrinth vol.5] in Mexico
November 1 TNT14 Mexico, Mexico city
November 2 TNT14 Mexico, Mexico city
November 3 TNT14 Mexico, Mexico city
November 4 TNT14 Mexico, Mexico city

Right, rules...!
I'm sure you're aware of LJ's terms of use and I hope most of you know the general 'netiquette' so I hope I have no need to enforce the rules as such, in terms of abusing other members, disrespecting the band, so on and so forth.

Please, when making a post, use words everyone can read so no typing LIEK TH1Z PLZ!!1!one. If English is not your first language, come on in, we won't laugh at you ^^

Please make sure that any mp3 files uploaded/requested are samples only. If you want to support the band, buy the music. You can do this through either cdjapan or YesAsia and many other sites...

In terms of picture posting, images larger than 500x500 must be under a LJ cut. If you don't know how to do this, ask someone. Also, don't steal images. Say, someone posted scans of the band somewhere else, and a member of this comm took them without credit, hopefully somebody who saw the images somewhere else will be able to report to the mods (if they don't pick up on it first) and they will be dealt with, okay? Same with icons, screencaps, etc.

Stay on topic. If you must post a link to a community/website, it must be BLOOD-related otherwise that would defeat the whole point of this comm. ^^;

Lastly, have fun.


Some community banners for you all to link to the community with! Provided by moonofmorrigan. Right-click, 'save picture as' and upload them to your own photohosting and into your userinfo/forum signatures. Don't forget to link back to the community!

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(Just remove the asterisks and replace the ones around the URLs with ")


Kiwamu's blog (English) 究の日記 (日本語)
Fu-ki's blog (English) 風輝の日記 (日本語)
Kaede's blog (English) 楓の日記 (日本語)
BLOOD (official site)

Email me (mydaemonhalf@yahoo.co.uk)or drop a comment on my livejournal (von_uberwald) if you want to affiliate ^^